Christmas Gift Ideas

3D Printers are evolving rapidly. We thought that this would be an excellent time of year to let you know about the 3D printers available as a possible affordable Christmas present for those exploring the 3D Printing world. All of these printers take can use our Filaments. Check out our Filament Store Overview Guide here.

Also, why not get your hands on our Special Secret Santa Christmas sample pack. A fantastic addition to any 3D Printer gift! We’ll even gift wrap it for you and send it directly to your special someone.

Our Recommendations for the Perfect Christmas Gift

The Anet A8-B 3D Printer

  • 2004 LCD screen, English interface, 5 keys for easy operation, support SD card and off-line printing.
  • Customized MK8 nozzle with sophisticated technology to produce smooth filaments fluently.
  • Updated sophisticated V2.0 version mainboard, supporting multi-function, higher accuracy. Superior power supply system for safely using, 240W, 110V/220V.
  • Heated hotbed and nozzle with wide range temperature adjustments allow the printer to be compatible with many 3D filament types, such as ABS, PLA, HIP, PP and Nylon etc.
  • Wide application for printing architectural and manufacture model design, teaching and medical equipment, and other technological devices, as well as 3D toys for children, great for stimulating users’ creativity and inspiration.

CoLiDo D1315 Assembled Delta 3D Printer Kossel Kit

  • Application Area : scientific research, 3d printer DIY, teaching, archaeology.
  • Used Filament : PLA filament 1.75mm
  • Ultra-quiet operation design, suitable for quiet working environment.
  • CoLiDo D1315 Printer conductive to higher precision and quality prints.
  • Upgraded to European Standard aluminum profile ensure stable prints.
  • Print resolution: +/-0.1mm, It will be tested for 10 hours before shipment.
  • Fast Self-assembly: It just needs to Install the Z-plane kit on the XY plane about 10 minutes,
  • Portable/ Simple and convenient.
  • Product forming size: 300*300*400 mm (11.8″ x 11.8″ x 15.8″)
  • Metal plate: Solid and durable/ Low resonance.
  • high-quality nozzle: Avoid scalding injury/ scratches/Electric shock.
Who is the STARTT printer for?

  • Anyone looking for an inexpensive way to start 3D printing.
  • Technology enthusiasts who love to see how things work.
  • Parents who are looking for a great activity for bonding with their children.
  • Students interested in the freedom to design and create at home.

Why is the STARTT right for you?

  • Affordably priced compared to other printers.
  • Good printing quality, especially for the price.
  • Comes with an easy to follow instructional guide with online video tutorials.
  • A fully supported 3 month warranty on manufactured parts.

Key Features

  • Easy to assemble. The more technical components are already put together.
  • Changeable nozzles of 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5mm let you choose your resolution.
  • Nozzle temperature ranges between 170°C to 275°C.
  • All tools you need are in the box.
  • Assembly will only take around 5 hours to complete.
  • Compatible with any open source slicer including Simplify 3D and Cura.
  • Comes with 10 free 3D printable designs complements of MyMiniFactory.

That’s quite a selection. We have tested all of these models at our showroom. If you need anymore information we are always pleased to offer our friendly advice.

Don’t Forget the Secret Santa, Lovingly Wrapped Gift Set.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all the team at 3D Filaprint.

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