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3D Printer ……

It’s amazing what you can add to your shopping list and get all in one shop these days!

The latest Special Buy from Aldi is a completely affordable 3D Printer.  Ideal for bringing 3D printing into main stream crafting, cosplay and modelling. We’ve taken a look at it’s capabilities and we are very impressed for a printer in this price category.

The steel framed, touch screen Balco 3D printer prints directly from SD cards, supports a variety of filaments, and has a large build area to print  toys, figures, cosplay , decorations, crafts, and more. You can even print prototypes of all the brilliant inventions you think up.

What makes it even better is that all our Filaments work with it!

It even comes with a 1 year warranty and easy returns policy should you not be happy with it.   We highly doubt that!

Here are some more product details and information.

If you’ve still got that special someone to buy for then head to Aldi and pop a 3D Printer in your trolley along with the Christmas Crackers!!#

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