Its Official!

We are now an authorised reseller for the PolyMaker™ Industrial range of 3D Desktop printing filaments.

Polymaker™ is a world-renowned manufacturer of 3D Desktop printing filaments. With specialty filaments such as PolyWood™, PolyMax™, PolyDissolve™, PolySmooth™.  Manufacturing filaments of the highest quality at competitive prices.

PolyMaker™ has created several innovative processes that make their 3D Desktop printing filaments unique amongst other brands.  Such as;

Fibre adhesion

Layer Free Technology

Jam Free Technology


The above examples are just a few of the many ways that PolyMaker™ has innovated the 3D Desktop printing market and now with their industrial range of 3D Desktop printing filaments, they are set to revolutionise it further, taking you closer to creating manufacturing ready parts on your own 3D Desktop Printer.

With materials such as Polycarbonate combined with Glass, Nylon and Carbon Fibres, you can create working parts that really do work!  3D Printed parts that can withstand extreme temperatures, straight from your 3D printer.

So with the prices of 3D Desktop printers coming down in price and filaments increasing in quality and usage, now is a great time to take your first step into 3D Desktop Printing and let us see where it takes you!

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