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A wide variety of 1.75mm 3D printer filaments from major manufacturers around the world.  3D printing filaments for home, engineering, medical and industrial use.
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ABS Green 1.75mm 3D Printing Filament
£20.34 Inc Vat
£16.95Exc Vat
ABS Purple 1.75mm
£20.34 Inc Vat
£16.95Exc Vat
ABS Silver 1.75mm
£9.60 Inc Vat
£8.00Exc Vat
ABS  ThermoBox
£13.60 Inc Vat
£11.33Exc Vat
1.75mm Conductive PLA by Proto-Pasta
£52.80 Inc Vat
£44.00Exc Vat
1.75mm PCTPE by taulman 3D printer Filament
£31.66 Inc Vat
£26.38Exc Vat
1.75mm PVA-M 500gms by Dutch Filaments
£35.40 Inc Vat
£29.50Exc Vat

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