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3D Design & Print

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A warm welcome to our 3D printing services.

Our aim is to offer you a personalised professional 3D printing service for the best price possible.

Please note that the printers we use employ the FDM & SLA (Liquid Resin) techniques. FDM printing stacks layer upon layer of plastic material, starting from the bottom of the 3D printer platform. Which means you will get the best results with straight or pyramid shape objects, but can print up to 400x400x400 in size in a single piece.  SLA (Liquid Resin) can create complex but smaller objects up to 190x120x190mm.

Please call us on 01702 611027 or send an email to and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements in more detail, alternatively you can receive an instant quotation using our online tool.


3D Design & Print - Introduction


3D Design & Print - From Idea to Design


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