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3D FilaPrint PET-G

Our constant aim is offer our customers the most interesting, useful, printable filaments that are available from around the world and as we are 3D printing enthusiasts like you, for the best possible price. So we are very excited to offer you FilaPrint PET-G, when you need a strong, impact resistant, super bonding 3D printing filament, at an affordable price, in a wide range of wonderfully strong colours, then FilaPrint PET-G is definitely for you.  Delivery within the UK is already included in the price you see.
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FilaPrint PET-G Red 2.85mm 3D Printer Filament
£27.36 Inc Vat
£22.80Exc Vat
FilaPrint PET-G Red 2.85mm 4.5Kg
£112.80 Inc Vat
£94.00Exc Vat
FilaPrint PET-G Red Transparent 2.85mm 4.5Kg
£112.80 Inc Vat
£94.00Exc Vat