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3D FilaPrint Transparent Resin

3D FilaPrint Transparent Resin

Product Code: res-trans-1ltr
3D FilaPrint Tough non-castable resins.

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    More Details

    3D FilaPrint Premium Resin for LCD/DLP

    Paired with your LCD/DLP printer our Premium Resins offer quality results at an affordable price.  3D Filaprint Premium Resin will be a perfect match to your printer, your prints will be created with rich and precise details ready to be cured with UV (either natural sunlight or UV Lamps).

    Our Premium Resins are available in the following colours in 250ML, 500ML and 1000ML bottles:

    • Transparent
    • Solid White
    • Solid Green
    • Solid Skin
    • Solid Blue
    • Solid Grey
    • Solid Black

    Our Premium resins offer compatibility with most printers and is optimised for light sources of 405nm.

    We supply a resin that offers low exposure times for faster prints without loss in reliability or quality:

    For LCD

    Base exposure time of 40-60 seconds

    Layer exposure time of 4-8 seconds

    For DLP

    Base exposure time of 15-20 seconds

    Layer exposure time of 1-2 seconds

    *Please note that setting above are guidelines and may change depending on your model of printer.

    Shake the resin well and leave it for 30 minutes before use to eliminate air bubbles that are generated during the shaking process.

    While printing the ambient temperature is recommended to be controlled at 25-30 degrees Celsius, and during the printing should avoid daylight.

    Precautions required during printing:

    • Use safety gloves and mask when handling the resin. (provided free of charge when you purchase 3D FilaPrint resins).
    • Wash with plenty of soap and water if accidental contact with the skin.
    • Seek medical advice if any allergic reaction happens.

    When your print is finished you will need to wash your print in IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) to remove excess resin, once this is complete you can cure your print, this can be achieved through the following methods:

    • UV Curing chamber 2-5 minutes
    • Direct sunlight 10-20 minutes
    • Daylight up to 60 minutes

    The curing process will make your prints safe to handle.

    Once cured your prints will be hard to the touch and will have a matte finish.

    The finished print will have a smooth finish and is ideal for post processing.  If using our transparent resin your print can be fine coated in clear gloss spray to give a glass like effect to your print.  All our resins can be primed and painted, the high detail finish of the print will give you the perfect canvas for painting your prints.

    Material Tech details;
    • Viscosity: 100-150 (25℃,
    • Density: 1.05—1.13g/cm³ 
    • Hardness(Shore D): 85-88D 
    • Tensile strength: 42.0 Mpa
    • Flexural Strength: 60 Mpa
    • Notched impact strength: 45J/m