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Bendlay 3mm 5 Metre Wrap

Bendlay 3mm 5 Metre Wrap

Product Code: BEN-LAY-3-5MTR
  • Filament Brand: Orbi-Tech
  • Filament Colour: Clear
  • Filament Diameter: 3mm
  • Filament Length: 5 Metres
Bendlay a modified ABS, clear almost transparent filament, can be printed between 215-24°C.
£4.75 Inc Vat
£3.96 Exc Vat


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    More Details

    The Bendlay printer filament has been developed by Kai Parthy , along with the other premium filaments LayBrick and Laywoo-D3.   Which we also have in stock. “BendLay shall play it´s rule where ABS is too hard and flexible-PLA is not tight enough”, says Andre Sperlich, head of Orbi-Tech. It is clear almost transparent, can print between 215° to 240°C, and be printed at high speed, however it will adhere to the bed if first extruded at a temperature of 240°C. While printing with high speed, best layer adhesion can be obtained at 240°C Thermal stable as PLA (65 – 70°C).

    Bendlay is a modified ABS, and can be used in food-packaging and medical devices.  The water absorption is only 30% of the ABS No stress whitening by bending High interlayer adhesion Soluble in brake cleaner; acetone will make Bendlay crumble You can view a video of a Bendlay print here The filament price has been calculated to include postage and packaging.