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A new and exciting arrival to our filament range.  The Biolinen filament from twoBEars.   A Biopolymer known as Lignin or lignen which is a complex polymer of aromatic alcohols known as monolignols.  You can find more information on the links below.



At present very little is known about how well it prints, as very few people have tested, so here is your opportunity to not only test but to add it to our online guide.  If the gallery pictures are anything to go by then we and you, are in for a treat. The little information we have on this filament can be viewed on the material data sheets.

From the twoBEars twittersphere we have this little snippet on printing with Biolinen: "In linen bF you can play with the temperature: 180'C = smooth / matt. The higher, the rougher it is ... ;-)".

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BioFila Linen 2.85mm 5 Metre Wrap
£2.95 Inc Vat
£2.46Exc Vat