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Carbon Fibre PET-G 2.85mm 750gms
Carbon Fibre PET-G 2.85mm 750gms
Carbon Fibre PET-G 2.85mm 750gms
Carbon Fibre PET-G 2.85mm 750gms
Carbon Fibre PET-G 2.85mm 750gms

Carbon Fibre PET-G 2.85mm 750gms

Product Code: FILA-CFPETG-2.85-750
  • Filament Brand: FilaPrint PETG
  • Filament Type: Carbon Fibre
  • Filament Colour: Grey
  • Filament Diameter: 2.85mm
  • Filament Weight: 750gms
PET-G filament enfused with 20% Carbon Fibers.
£43.80 Inc Vat
£36.50 Exc Vat


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    More Details

    A PET-G polymer filament which has been enfused with minute carbon fibres (no nozzle clogging with this filament).  Giving you a wonderful lightweight , easy to print, high strength, extremely low warp filament.  Perfect for drones, RC Cars, trucks, tanks, plus many more incredible uses.

    FilaPrint Carbon-P is a 20% Carbon Fibre reinforced PET-G based filament.  The result is a twice as stiff filament as our current PET-G with increased impact and heat resistance (HDT) to 80c.  This together with other features such as NO WARP, dimensionally stable, Matte surface and extremely easy to print, make it an ideal filament.

    Printing Temperature Range


    Does not require heated platform

    If available heat between 35-60c


    Specific gravity

    Test method

    ASTM D792

    Typical Value

    1,19 g/cc

    MFI (300˚C -1,2kg)

    ISO 1133


    E-modulus 1mm/min

    ISO 527

    3800 MPa

    Yield stress 50mm/min

    ISO 527

    52,5 MPa

    Yield strain 50mm/min

    ISO 527


    Strain at breakn50min/min

    ISO 527


    Impact Strength
    Izod Notched 23˚C

    ISO 180-1A

    3,8 kJ/m²

    Due to no warping, the FilaPrint Carbon P filament can be printed without a heated platform.  If you do have a heated bed then you can heat to between - 35-60c.  Please also consider using hardened steel nozzles as the carbon fibers will increase the wear and tear on standard brass nozzles.  FilaPrint Carbon-P can be used on the majority of 3D Desktop FDM/FFF/ printers.

    Cool and dry (15-25c) and away from UV light, will enhance shelf life significantly.