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CPE CF112 Carbon Fibre PETG 1.75mm 3D printing filament


CPE CF112 Carbon Fibre PETG 1.75mm 3D printing filament

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Carbon fibers reinforced CPE HG100 filament is developed for its pressure resistance, hardness and surface effect.
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The Fillamentum CPE (CoPolyester) HG100 already is a stunning material to print with and now with added short fibre carbons you have a 3D printing filament that is not only super to print with, but has the practical benefits of;

  • Good interlayer adhesion, easy printing, low warping
  • Matte finish
  • Wear resistance, resistant to long-term load
  • Chemical resistance
  • Recyclable, bio-based, BPA free, styrene free
  • It's hardness comparable to Vinyl 303
  • High-technical durable long-life material

Institute of Geology CAS case study

Please note that with all NYLON and Carbon Fibre materials, you MUST keep them dry.  If the material doesn't print as expected, then it may need drying out.  Always keep the material stored in a re-sealable bag with dessicant gel sachets when not in use.

Look to make use of the new PolyMaker Polybox to keep your filament moisture free when printing.

Printing temperature: 255-275 °C

Heated bed: 70-85 °C

Nozzle - It’s necessary to use hardened steel/Ruby or any wear-resistant nozzle for printing this material due to carbon fibers in this material.

Cooling - It is not recommended to use more than 15 % of fan speed, as too much cooling could lead into improper layer bonding. We recommend to use no cooling for standard objects, which leads into stronger parts. For bridges and big overhangs is it possible to go up to 50% for the desired layer.

Storing - Airtight bag with desiccant. In case of moist material, re-dry it in appropriate device. The conditions to achieve optimal level of moisture are 75 °C for 3 hours. Processing of moist filament may cause degradation of polymer chains, brittleness, poor layer adhesion, stringing, oozing etc.

Surface - For achieving more structural carbon fiber surface use higher layer height.

  • Printing temperature: 255 – 275 °C
  • Heated bed temperature: 70–85 °C
  • Speed: 30– 50 mm/s
  • Part cooling fan: 0– 15 %
  • Heated bed surface: PEI, mirror /glass
  • Adhesive: Magigoo PC, 3DLac, dimaFix, PVA glue
  • Raft / skirt /brim: Skirt, Brim 5 mm
  • Heated chamber / enclosure: not needed

CPE CF112 printing guide CPE CF112 ROHS CPE CF112 Material Safety Data Sheet CPE CF112 Material Technical Data Sheet

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    Carbon Fibre CoPolysester
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Customer reviews

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Easy to print and a great finish

As well as the usual excellent speedy service from Filaprint, extremely happy with this filament.

Simple to print and a nice satin finish, so could be used for decorative as well as functional prints. Feels softer to the touch than regular PETG but has a bit more flex to it.

I went midpoint on the provided recommended temperature and speed settings and the result is the pictured Benchy.

Flashforge Guider2, hardened 0.4 nozzle, 0.25 layer height, enclosed cabinet and no cooling.

Its a keeper :)

Mariani | South Wales | February 2022