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fiberlogy REFILL PET-G 1.75mm Black 3D printing filament

fiberlogy REFILL PET-G 1.75mm Black 3D printing filament

Product Code: FIB-REFIL-PETG-BLK-1.75-850gms
  • Filament Brand: fiberlogy
  • Filament Colour: Brown/Black
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Filament Type: PETG
  • Filament Weight: 850gms
A great quality 3D Printing PETG refill coil at a superb price.
£21.54 Inc Vat
£17.95 Exc Vat


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    More Details

    Please note this material is not a solid opaque Black more of a hint of brown.

    An introduction to working with PETT/S or PET-G by the very knowledgeable Thomas Sanladerer.  A must watch if you are new to 3D printing with good quality PET-G from any reputable manufacturer.  Please note up until you have the correct settings dialled in to your 3D printer, PETG can take a little while getting used to, but the benefits of printing with PET-G are worth it.

    Please note, postage within the UK is included in the price you see.

    We are offering this fiberlogy /BrownBlack PET-G refill option for those who are comfortable to purchase filament without it first being pre-wound on a fixed spool.  Though just because it is not wound on a fixed spool does not make it an inferior product, it does allow us to offer it cheaper than its fixed spool counterpart and feels better on the mind for reducing the amount of 3D printing filament spools that (may) end up just being thrown away.

    Fiberlogy PET-G 3D printing filament has properties such as;

    • high durability
    • low shrinkage
    • resistance to acids, salts, alkalic substances
    Application suggestions, but not limited to;
    • END-USE PARTS: containers, holders
    • PROTOTYPES: bottles, packaging
    • ELECTRONICS: covers, cases, products containing diodes
    • DECORATIONS: lamps, glass-resembling elements
    • JEWELLERY: rings, necklaces, bracelets

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with the filament refill option, there is no better way to enlighten you than to point you in the direction of the creator of the "Masterspool" Richard Horne AKA Richrap.  It is also a worthwhile watch if you have any reservations regarding the tangling of filaments.

    There are several options for you in terms of spool creation, ready to use with your fiberlogy filament refill coil.

    You have the original V4 Masterspool by Richard Horne - 

    Or the specifically made spool for this 850gms fiberlogy refill pack -

    More Information on the fiberlogy PET-G refill pack.
    The filament will arrive in a vacuum pack, with silica gel and boxed individually.
    • Diameter: 1,75 mm
    • Net weight: 0,85 kg
    • Printing temperature: 230°C - 250°C
    • Bed Temp: 90°C
    • Diameter tolerance: +/- 0,02 mm
    • Avg Roundness: + 0,01 mm

    fiberlogy PET-G Refill Material Safety Data Sheet

    fiberlogy PET-G Refill Technical Data Sheet

    3D Printer -
    1 Stars
    Completely the wrong colour. More like brownish grey than black. Tried to contact 3DFilaPrint about it but got no responce. Avoid. 3D FilaPrint Reply Hello is it possible that you can provide your email address to or 01702 611027 as we are unable to locate any communication from you. We have tried searching on emails and socials but have had no luck. We obviously want to sort this out for you, especially if you are due a refund. Plus we also need to let the manufacturer know of this issue. we look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Thank you.