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PLA FilaPrint Premium

FilaPrint Iron Grey Premium PLA 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament


FilaPrint Iron Grey Premium PLA 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament

£18.46 £22.15 (inc. VAT)
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An easy to print Premium PLA, extremely low warp (if at all) slightly modified PLA to give your prints extra strength and durability. VAT will be added at checkout, though we have covered the cost of regular postage! Plus if you buy two spools before 2pm today you will receive them next day (within the UK, Weekdays only).
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Iron Grey Premium PLA.  Low warp, easy to print.  1 Kilo (500gms spools also available) of premium 3D Printer Filament, amazing value for money.

This 1kg of filament spool is shrink wrapped, boxed and shrink wrapped yet again!  Ensuring that it arrives with you moisture free and ready to print.  See printed photo above for results, (file used

Fantastic layer bonding, low temperature printing, no heated platform is necessary as it lays down beautifully on the majority of FFF/FDM 3D printer platform surfaces.

Superb tolerances with a smooth finish, a perfect compliment to your 3D printer.

  • Tougher and less brittle compared to regular PLA
  • Easy to print at low temperature
  • Little "warping"
  • biodegradable
  • Limited odor
Diameter Tolerance Roundness
1.75mm ± 0,05mm >95%
Characteristics Test Method Typical Value
Specific Gravity ASTM D1505 1,24 g/cc
MFI 6,0 g/10 min
Tensile Strength ASTM D882 110 MPa (MD)
145 MPa (TD)
Elongation at break ASTM D882 160 MPa (MD)
100 MPa (TD)
Tensile Modulus ASTM D882 3310 MPa (MD)
3860 MPa (TD)
Impact Strength 7,5 KJ/m²
Printing Characteristics Test Method Typical Value
Printing temperature 180-210ºc
Melting temperature 210±10ºc
Melting point ASTM D3418 145-160ºc

Looking for a new type of 3D printing surface that requires very little maintenance and will last for months, if not years!, then try the amazing PrintBite.
  • Filament Brand:
  • Filament Colour:
    Iron Grey
  • RAL Colour:
  • Filament Diameter:
  • Filament Length:
    Approx 325 Metres
  • Filament Type:
  • Filament Weight:
  • Brand:
    FilaPrint Premium PLA
  • Condition:
  • Product Code:
  • Weight:
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ian bradford -

This filament is the best i have used on my cr10 i have found on my printer its best to print at 210 and 60 bed temp on a mirror and the prints when done printing just pop right off at 55c nice and clean. now i have my bed level near prefect the details of the prints are next to none . all i can say is wow this is really nice filament ;p only two down sides i have are 1 i have run out and 2 its always out off stock ;(


FilaPrint Iron Grey Premium PLA 1.75mm printed really well for me. The colour is great for picking out details in the print without highlighting layer lines.

Printed well at low temps 195/50.

ceri - Swansea

This filament prints amazingly well, possibly the easiest to print with I have used.

The color is very pleasing, I have printed a few mechanical parts, and they have come out amazing.

see the photos in:

And a Moai statue:

This PLA prints a little cooler than most others, on my machine as low as 180, in comparison to normal 195 - 210.

I would recommend PID tuning M303 S190, C8 as a matter of course,

which can help remove some of the 'wood grain effect'

One thing, it is slightly more flexible than the FilaPrint Ripe Orange Premium, which I love.