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3D Filaprint Natural Wood Range

FilaPrint Natural Dark Wood PLA 1.75mm


FilaPrint Natural Dark Wood PLA 1.75mm

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Not only does the FilaPrint Natural wood range look like wood it positively smells like wood when 3D printing even when cooled.
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“Natural looking wood filaments”.

Not only does the FilaPrint Natural wood range look like wood, it positively smells like wood when 3D printing and even when cooled!

The FilaPrint Natural Wood filament prints wonderfully from 205c – 235c, at PLA settings, though we do recommend using a 0.5mm or larger nozzle.  The test print vases that you see in the photos were printed on a Mini Kossel (Delta Style 3D Printer) at 205/210c hot end temp, with a platform temperature of 50c (though this could have been lowered).  It will also print on the majority if not all 3D printer platforms.  The actual printing speed for the vase prints was 50mm/sec, this was due to the wider nozzle being used.  See additional info below, for other print speeds and temperatures.

What we also love about this filament is the layer bonding, even though the vase prints were at a resolution of just 0.2mm you cannot see any discernible layer lines.  It looks truly wonderful.

In addition, when printing with a larger nozzle you can find that it will print quicker as you can up the pace a little bit! It oozes like a piece of sting rather than a line of cotton 😊

It is also advised that when you finish a print with your wood filament and printing has stopped for the day, you should purge out your hot end, using some standard PLA filament, just to ensure that any wood residue is removed from the head and chamber, extruding several centimetres of PLA should be sufficient to clear it.

Features and benefits;

  • Will print on majority of surfaces
  • Superb layer adhesion and bonding
  • Has the look and feel of natural wood.
  • Very low warp (if at all, no sign on our test prints)
  • Biodegradable – Wood and PLA mix

Additional info;

As the FilaPrint Natural Wood range of filaments has very low warp (if at all) it can be printed onto a non-heated platform. Though If you have a heated bed the recommended temperature is ± 35-60˚C.

We also advise a nozzle ≥ 0,5mm. The FilaPrint Natural can be printed up to temperatures ~210°C @35-45mms, The FilaPrint Natural Light wood can be printed at higher temperatures up to ~215°C maximum @35-45mms.

Storage: Cool and dry (15-25˚C) and away from UV light, this will enhance the shelf life significantly.


Test method

Typical value

Printing temp.



melting temp.


150˚C ± 10˚C

Melting point

ASTM D3418


vicat softening temp.

ISO 306

± 45˚C


Test method

Typical value

Specific gravity

ASTM D1505

1,20 g/cc


5,0 gr/10 min

Tensile strength


70 MPa (MD)
100 MPa (TD)

Elongation at break


170% (MD)
110% (TD)

Tensile modulus


1900 MPa (MD)
2300 Mpa (TD)

Impact strength

7,0 KJ/m²


ø tolerance



ø 0,05mm



ø 0,10mm


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  • Filament Type:
  • Filament Colour:
  • Filament Diameter:
  • Filament Weight:
  • Brand:
    FilaPrint Natural Wood
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Customer reviews

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FilaPrint Natural Dark Wood PLA

Agreed the filament is indeed brittle so if you leave a major print unattended you may return to find the printer printing air. I used it on my Raise3d N2, 0.6mm nozzle at 10mm/sec first layer and subsequently jumped to 70mm/sec for a 4hour print. The first layer temperature was 225°C, the thinking is the higher the temp the darker the print but that did not work out. On a subsequent print I dropped to 220°C and the first layer was perfect with a slight rise to 12mm/sec-continued at this temp. To combat the nuisance brittleness shifted the side mounted reel to a make shift overhead gantry but that made no difference so had to cut lengths of filament off the reel and that removed the problem of unexpected breaks; but you just have to sit on your print. All in all a good effective and useful filament - Well done 3dFila Print, keep flying.

Adedapo Harold-Sodipo | London | January 2020

Doesn't work in Cel Robox. Added Edit - now OK.

This is a very brittle filament. It will load but will not extrude. even a quick purge will not print. Nothing comes out and the Automaker software reports filament slip. I've tried different temperatures and even put the reel in a dehydrator overnight in case it was 'wet'. (I've had a couple of filaments that have arrived in sealed pouches, brand new, that would not print until dehydrated.) The filament is quite rough and it could be that it's not very good in Bowden tubes.

EDIT: having persevered with different settings, eventually lowering the temperature, flowrate and multiplier gave a result. I printed a good test piece off and have had success with other models. I had dialogue with Tim Kay that was very supportive. I have improved the overall rating for this product.

Richard Dalton-Moore | Loughborough | November 2019