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Growlay  3D Printer Filament

Growlay 3D Printer Filament

Product Code: GRO-BRW-175
Growlay is a unique 3D printing filament from the chemical engineer Kai Parthy. We would love to know what you would use it for!

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    More Details

    GROWLAY - Filament / what is it ?

    • Print 3D objects and let biological cultures grow on it, such as, 
    • Grass; moss
    • Fungus ; mildew
    • Lichen
    • Mycelium
    • Pharma-cultures, mother cells

    GROWLAY works like a breeding ground. Add seeds or spores to them and they will grow.


    GROWLAY properties:

    • GROWLAY is microcapillary. Its cavities absorb and store water, dissolved liquid nutrients or fertilizer. Promoted because of the capillary action throughout the printed object.
    • Mold grows through the open-cell capillaries and forms a mycelium.
    • Seeds of grasses can get caught and grow in Growlay.
    • Spores find room to germinate in small cavities. (see SEM-Pics)
    • Roots cling to the structures of the object filling.
    • Even lichens grow on Growlay. These usually grow preferentially on stones of walls or trees.
    • GROWLAY can be sterilized (for food use and research) with gases or wet (but not thermally)
    • For colour differentiation, objects printed with Growlay can be subsequently coloured with food colours.
    • Is an absorptive carrier for agents

    GROWLAY is available in the functionally different versions white and brown
    Version white is an experimental filament & fully compostable
    The brown version contains not only pores but also built-in "food" in the form of cell material which is needed for growth

    PLEASE NOTE:  GROWLAY - has two versions:

    1) GROWLAY-WHITE, pure & porous, experimental filament for experienced users only

    • Fully Compostable polymer
    • With open capillaries
    • White filament
    • Print range from: 85° - 135°C
    • GROWLAY-white 1.75mm (real: 1.55mm - 1.85mm)


    • As a beta version 1.75mm Growlay filament comes unfortunately in variation of diameter from ~1.45mm to 1.8mm
    • Is not as easy to print with Bowden extruders
    • Filament can be fast grinded at the hobbed bolt if the feed somewhere is blocked
    • The 3mm filament prints a little easier due to its thickness 
    • GROWLAY-white 3.0 mm (real average: 2.50mm – 2.85mm) works fine, also with Bowden

    Note:  We cannot accept returns on the White Growlay as it is an experimental material only.

    2) GROWLAY-brown, porous + wood particles, for any user

    • Not compostable
    • With open capillaries
    • Polymer contains organic nutrients (+wood particles)
    • Higher tensile strength
    • More rigid as version white-
    • Increased temperature stability
    • The filament can be printed just as easily as Laywood,
    • Brown filament
    • Print at: 235°-250°C