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iglidur® I180-PF 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm 250gms White

iglidur® I180-PF 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm 250gms White

Product Code: IG-1180-175-250-WHI
  • Filament Brand: iglidur®
  • Filament Colour: White
  • Filament Weight: 250gms
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Shipping Notes: Ready for shipping in 2-3 working days
Versatile use: good combination of high wear resistance, strength and temperature resistant filament
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    More Details

    3D printer filament: iglidur® |180-BL-PF

    Components made of igus® Tribo-Filament are up to 50 times more wear-resistant than standard materials for 3D printing and therefore have an extremely long service life. Due to their excellent tribological
    properties, they are suited for 3D printing of replacement parts, for example bearings, drive nuts, gears and other wear parts. The igus® Tribo-Filaments can be processed on 3D printers that are based on the fused-deposition-modelling method (FDM/FFF) and that allow the nozzle temperature to be set as required.  

    Typical application areas:
    • Special machine construction
    • Jig construction
    • Complex wear parts
    Tribological 3D Printing Filament
    Tribology is the science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion. It includes the study and application of the principles of friction, lubrication and wear.  Tribology is particularly important in today's world because so much energy is lost to friction in mechanical components. To use less energy, we need to minimize the amount that is wasted. Significant energy is lost due to friction in sliding interfaces.

    Iglidur I180
    • iglidur® I180 combines very high wear resistance with the highest strength of the iglidur® tribo-filaments
    • Easier to process than iglidur® I170 and iglidur® J260
    • Processable on 3D Desktop printers, where standard ABS filaments are used
    • Upon the processing the printer must be enclosed in a case and te cooling fan must be off
    • Flexural strength: 46 / 33 MPa
    • Versatile use: good combination of high wear resistance, strength and temperature resistance
    • Good processing ability with an enclosed printer and igus adhesive film
    • Colour black
    For a comprehensive overview of the Tribology filament specifications and tests view here.

    Tested strength when compared to machined and injection-moulded parts
    Up to 50 x higher abrasion resistance

    Test parameters - wear test swivelling

    Surface pressure: 1MPa

    Surface speed: 0.01m/s

    Pivoting angle: 60°

    Duration: four weeks

    Shaft materials: CF53 and 304 SS

    Test result:
    the pivot test shows that the abrasion resistance of the iglidur® filament is up to 50 times higher than the standard 3D printing materials (e.g. ABS).


    General properties



    Material suitable for


    Max. moisture absorption (at 23 °C/73 °F, 50% r.h.)

    0.3 Wt.-%, test method DIN 53495

    Max. water absorption

    0.9 Wt.-%

    Net weight

    250 g

    Coefficient of sliding friction, dynamic, against Cf53 steel


    Coefficient of sliding friction, dynamic, against 304 stainless steel


    pv value, max. (dry)

    0.23 MPa m/s

    Flexural strength

    46 / 33 MPa

    Physical and thermal properties

    Max. long-term application temperature

    80 °C

    Max. short-term application temperature

    90 °C

    Lower application temperature

    -40 °C

    Thermal expansion coefficient (at 23°C/73°F)

    9 K-1 10-5, test method DIN 53752

    Heat conductivity

    0.23 W/(m K), test method ASTM C 177

    Pressure load

    59 MPa

    Max. recommended surface pressure (at +20 °C/68 °F)

    30 MPa


    Mould-free according to DIN EN ISA 846 Procedure A


    Processing instructions

    Nozzle temperature (min.)

    250 °C

    Nozzle temperature (max.)

    260 °C

    Bed temperature (min.)

    90 °C

    Bed temperature (max.)

    110 °C

    Recommended adhesion

    igus® adhesive film

    Construction space

    Closed installation space necessary

    Component cooling

    A component cooling is not necessary, with cooling switched on it is also possible to print