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Kapton Tape Large

Kapton Tape Large

Product Code: KAP-50MM-LGE
This is reel of 200 mm wide and 30 meter long roll of Kapton Tape.
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    This is reel of 200 mm wide and 30 meter long roll of Kapton Tape.

    Kapton is great for heated applications, insulating electrical joints and heating elements. It has tons of uses and is easy to clean up when you remove it.

    If you’re using Kapton tape to cover your build plates for building ABS models, make sure to wipe it with a little alcohol or acetone after applying the tape. This removes any impurities and grease, making your models stick better.  You can also use some ABS slurry, but do not layer too much as your Kapton Tape may well peel off with your print!

    Guaranteed your filament will stick with this Kapton Tape, but the high quality of this tape will ensure that your prints can be easily removed.

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