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Laywoo d3 3mm 5 Metre Wrap

Laywoo d3 3mm 5 Metre Wrap

Product Code: LAY-WOO-3-5MTR
  • Filament Brand: kai pathi
Another fine filament from Orbi-Tech, looks like wood, smells like wood, all from a mixture of plastic and recycled wood. Different printing temperatures creates alternative colour tones.
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    More Details

    The Laywoo- d3 printer filament has been developed by Kai Parthy , along with the other premium filaments LayBrick and Bendlay.   Which we also have in stock.

    The filament can be used to print objects that are crying out to be made in something that not only looks and feels like wood but also smells like it!  The filament is also available in both 3mm & 1.75mm and in a 5 Metre wrap.   This coil weighs approximately 250 gms.

    The filament is made from 40% recycled wood and 60% binding polymer, it prints like PLA and can be extruded between 175°C and 250°C.  Printing on a cold bed, however some adjustments may be necessary, depending on your printer model.

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    You can view some of our cusotmers prints using Laywoo d3 here

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