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LAYWOO-D3 FLEX 3D Printer Filament by Kai Parthy CC Products

LAYWOO-D3 FLEX 3D Printer Filament by Kai Parthy CC Products

Product Code: KAI-LFLEX-1.75mm
  • Filament Brand: Kai Parthy
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Filament Weight: 250gms
  • Filament Colour: Brown
Kai Parthy has developed an elastic version of his remarkable wood-like filament called LAYWOO-D3 FLEX, which is bendable. As the same for Laywoo D3, you can achieve different colour tones by changing temperatures.

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    If you need a spool holder for this product you can either download and 3D print your own from here or add one to your order during your spool selection, which we have already printed for you at just £3.50 per holder.

    Watch the YouTube video on qualities of Laywoo-D3 FLEX.


    German 3D printing material inventor Kai Parthy has released the flexible version of LAYWOO-D3, a wood-like 3D Printer Filament first introduced back in September 2012.

    Depending on the printing temperature, you can achieve darker and lighter layers, mimicking the tree ring effect of natural wood. By adding some flexibilizers, Kai has developed an elastic version called LAYWOOD-FLEX, which is bendable like some woods found in nature. The new filament has a high elasticity, which is not rubber-like, yet flexible.

    laywood_flex_3d_druckmaterial_filamentThe thermoplastic polymer-composite, made from harmless ingredients, has the following features:

    • the warp effect is minimal and tends to zero
    • rough or smoother surface adjustable by flow
    • printable tree-rings (190 to 255°C) depending on print-speed – bright: 190 up to 225, darker starting at 225 to 250, faster speed > higher temp necessary
    • rough or smoother surface adjustable by flow
    • contains ~ 35 % recycled wood, harmless binders made by co-polyesters
    • stick well on ABS-paint at cold plattform or blue tape
    • 50°C plattform and you may print directly on capton-tape
    • nozzle: 0.5 mm
    • diameter: 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm filament
      Thanks to 3Ders & Kai Parthy for use of the above text and photos.