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Plasticized Copolyamide ThermoPlastic Elastomer. An extremely flexible yet durable and strong TPE and nylon based material. PCTPE was designed to be both highly flexible, yet retain the durability of nylons.

£2.70 (inc. VAT)
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£2.75 (inc. VAT)
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£2.75 (inc. VAT)
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NYLON PA12 + CF15 is a Nylon PA12 based filament which has been reinforced with a 5% carbon fiber blend. It is characterised by high thermal resistance and less shrinkage compared to the unmodified Nylon PA12.

£4.74 (inc. VAT)
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Nylon filaments have become one of the most widely used materials for printing engineering parts.  High tensile strength, a degree of flexibility and the ability to withstand high pressure and stress.