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Nylon 6 3mm Yellow 5 Metre Wrap

Product Code: NYL6-YEL-3-5MTR
  • Filament Brand: RepRapper Tech Co. Ltd
  • Filament Colour: Yellow
  • Filament Diameter: 3mm
  • Filament Length: 5 Metres
£2.95 Inc Vat
£2.46 Exc Vat


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    More Details

    This is one of a full colour range of nylons that we have in stock, it is a Nylon manufactured by our suppliers of the 3D FilaPrint PLA & ABS , Reprapper Tech Ltd.

    The nylon is strong, flexible (obviously part dependent), tough, durable and friction smooth.

    We found this information and thought it may be useful if you are venturing into using Nylons, particularly Reppraper Tech Nylon 6

    Taken from ehow..

    The chemical formula for Nylon 6-6 has a chain of six carbon molecules linked to a chain of six more carbon molecules. Between each chain is an amide group made up of oxygen, carbon.

    Remember to keep your filaments in the zip lock bag (which we provide you with anyway) along with the silica gel provide, as Nylon will absorb moisture in a couple of days, which will result in steaming and popping, that we don’t need.

    For info..

    The small gallery picture was printed using a range of our 1.75mm Nylons and at 240c with a cold bed using our 3090 Blue Painters Tape.

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