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PLA Fluorescent Blue 1.75mm

PLA Fluorescent Blue 1.75mm

Product Code: PLA-FLBLU-1.75MM
  • Filament Colour: Fluorescent Blue
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Filament Weight: 1kg
  • Filament Brand: Reprapper Tech Ltd
£20.34 Inc Vat
£16.95 Exc Vat


Sorry, this item is out of stock. However it will be back on the web shelf very soon.
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    More Details

    Sample 3D print
    The filament is delivered to you FREE OF CHARGE  in a sealed, clear plastic bag, complete with a sachet of silica gel.

    The hollow rectangular pieces in the photo above were part of our 3D Printed pinball machine, which made up the legs of this amazing 3D print.
    Take a look at this super video of our 3D printed Fluorescent blue Romulan Warbird by send2scan

    The Traffic Cone that you see was created using a MakerBot Replicator 2 X 3D Printer, taking approximately 185 centimetres of (Standard Red) and 85 centimetres of (Fluorescent Green) filament.  So that’s roughly 4 traffic cones per 10 metres – enough for a roadblock!


    (1) High precision dimension with 1.75+/-0.10mm range – creating a high quality finish

    (2) Good roundness with 1.75+/-0.07mm range – creating a high quality finish

    (3) Competitively priced

    (4) Vivid colours

    (5) Excellent customer service & support

    Paul -
    3 Stars
    I am sure it will be OK with some dialing in but the temp tests I have done indicate that I am pretty close.... but still getting poor inter layer adhesion.