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PolyLite™ PLA

PolyMaker™ was/is an international collaboration of technical and chemical engineers who first emerged via a crowfunding campaign on Kickstarter back in March 2014, where they launched a range of quality 3D printing filaments, at a time when there was a limited choice in available filaments, certainly not as much as there is now!  1,005 backers and $100,999 was raised.  We remember backing that crowdfunding campaign and when we received our reward of PolyPlus™, PolyMax™ PolyFlex™ & PolyWood™ filament, we knew that this was a company that was going to be around in the 3D printing market place for some time to come.

4 years and several more quality and innovative filaments later, plus hardware such as the Polysher™ & PolyBox™, PolyMaker™ have released their newest product PolyLite™ and PolyLite™ PETG

PolyLite™ is the same quality material as the original PolyPlus™ PLA filament, but as a 1Kg spool, original PolyMaker™ spools where just 750gms.  In addition, Polymaker™ have reduced the cost level of their packaging.  The spools still come neatly spooled in a vacuumed bag and in a cardboard box, with a guide sheet, but in a more economical packaging style.  The still wonderful Jam free technology is used to create the PolyLite™ PLA 3D printing filament.

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