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PolyPlus PLA 3mm True Yellow filament *End of line*

Product Code: PP-PLA-YEL-3MM
  • Filament Brand: Polymaker
  • Filament Type: PLA
  • Filament Colour: Yellow
  • Filament Diameter: 3mm
  • Filament Weight: 750gms
PolyPlus PLA, a filament that just works, even on the MakerBot Replicator 2X, straight of the spool. Superb quality finish, excellent layer adhesion, with absolutely no warping! A filament you will just want to print, print and print again.
£18.00 Inc Vat
£15.00 Exc Vat


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    More Details

    PolyMaker PolyPlus™ PLA is one of the safest on the market for home 3d printing and in general all our products, from PolyFlex™ to PolyWood™ are extremely safe either in filament form or as printed parts.  In addition, all the raw PLA and almost all other ingredients we use are FDA-approved for food contact.

    PolyPlus PLA, a PLA filament that just works, even on the MakerBot Replicator 2X, straight off the spool.  Superb quality finish, excellent layer adhesion, no warping!  A filament you will want to print, print and print again.

    Tired of your printers jamming? Our patented Jam-Free™ technology dramatically improves the heat stability of the PLA filaments, so while printing they will never soften in the “cold end” and can melt rapidly once entering the heating zone. This leads to extremely smooth extrusion and no more nozzle-jams!

    Brighten up your models with a choice of seven vibrant colours or give them that crystal shine with our four translucent colours. With a selection of 11 different colours and transparencies you are bound to find the right choice for your 3D printing experience.

    PolyPlus™ PLA is produced exclusively using NatureWorks’ Ingeo™ PLA resin. Unlike some filaments on the market our PolyPlus™ PLA does not release hazardous odours ensuring a safe and clean printing experience.
    The PLA we use are not only certified for food contact but also completely biodegradable and have one of the most eco-responsible manufacturing processes in the industry, minimising the impact on our environment.


    The 750gms spool of filament is delivered to you FREE OF CHARGE  (within the UK) in a vacuumed sealed, silver lined plastic bag, complete with a sachet of silica gel.

    Printing temperature between 180C and 220C.  Above items printed at 200C on the  MR2X.
    Platform at a temperature of 50C with 3M Blue Painters Tape
    Travelling speed 90C.

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