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PPES 2.85mm 1Kg 3D Printer Filament

Product Code: tau-PPEPS-2.85-1kg
  • Filament Brand: taulman 3D
  • Filament Colour: Black
  • Filament Diameter: 2.85mm
  • Filament Weight: 1kg
£33.60 Inc Vat
£28.00 Exc Vat


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    More Details

    There is very little information on this material, which was manufactured as a small batch by taulman 3D.  Since the creation of this material they have not mentioned about creating any further batches.  So once sold that's it, no more!

    The only information provided by the taulman 3D is;

    A miscible blend of PPO resin and polystyrene PPEPS.

    · No additives used in extrusion process.

    · Commodity Brand Name “Noryl N190X”

    · Excellent dimensional stability

    · Low mould shrinkage

    · Low water absorption

    · Very low creep behaviour at elevated temperatures.

    The above properties combined with an outstanding hydrolytic stability in hot and cold water, make Noryl resin an excellent potential candidate for fluid engineering, environmental and potable water applications.

    An outstanding feature of Noryl resin is its retention of tensile and flexural strength, even at elevated temperatures. The gradual reduction in modulus as temperature is increased, is a key advantage of this material. As a result, parts made or moulded from Noryl resin may be used with predictable performance over a wide temperature range.

    Another important advantage of Noryl resin is its predictably low creep behaviour, even at elevated temperatures. The family of Noryl resin offers impact strength, which is typically unaffected by humidity and only slightly affected by temperature and wall thickness. Even at lower temperatures, they retain a high percentage of their impact strength.

    Noryl resin exhibits excellent electrical properties, which remain stable over a wide range of temperature, humidity and frequency variations. This stability, together with a fine-tuned balance of thermal and impact properties, makes Noryl resin an excellent potential candidate for demanding electrical and electronic applications, including electrical insulators.

    All flame retardant Noryl resin is designed with non-brominated and non-chlorinated flame retardant systems. The heat, flammability and electrical properties, which comply with key agency standards, may make Noryl resin an excellent potential candidate material for computer and business machine housings and structural components, electrical and electronic applications.

    No material or safety data sheets are available for this material.