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Proto-pasta PC-ABS Alloy 2.85mm 500gms Black

Proto-pasta PC-ABS Alloy 2.85mm 500gms Black

Product Code: PP-PC-ABS-2.85-500-BLK
  • Filament Brand: Proto-pasta
  • Filament Type: PC ABS
  • Filament Colour: Black
  • Filament Diameter: 2.85mm
  • Filament Weight: 500gms
Proto-pasta Polycarbonate-ABS Alloy is an incredibly tough material designed for strong, resilient parts. Properties are excellent and greatly improved over standard ABS.
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£34.50 Exc Vat


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    More Details

    High performance material for high performance hardware.

    Heated bed and all-metal hotend recommended!

    Proto-pasta Polycarbonate-ABS Alloy is an incredibly tough material designed for strong, resilient parts.  Properties are excellent and greatly improved over standard ABS. 

    Processing is more challenging.  For best results, a heated bed is required to control warpage and improve layer adhesion.  Cross-sectional area should be minimized.

    • Available in 1.75 mm and 2.85 (3) mm diameters, black or natural color
    • 500g is on a 8" diameter spool

    PC-ABS is moisture sensitive. Even when stored in a bag with desiccant, drying in an oven for ~ 1hr at 85C-95C may be required for bubble free high strength prints.

    In our experience, good results are achieved when printing small parts at 270-290C on a heated bed at 110C up to 140C. For larger prints with good layer adhesion and minimal distortion, an enclosure is ideal.

    International Customer Reviews

     Based on 9 reviews
    Joe on Nov 17, 2017

    Good stuff I can still print it at 245c

    Sadly max I can push my modded Flashforge dreamer with the micro swiss upgrades is up to 245c, surprisingly though I can print at this temp and the pc abs can get loaded in even as low as 225c,

    mitchell h. on Oct 30, 2017

    i like photo….pasta

    one of my most fav filaments on the market…..need to create a maker box of some sort and have a bundle of 4 rolls photo-pasta choice each month!!!! like the maker box or the filament box…….do it photo do it!@!!

    William F. on Sep 12, 2017

    Good stuff, printed well on my Prusa Original

    I have only done one print so far, but I was impressed with the material. It has kind of a springy flex to it that felt really nice. Some minor imperfections in the print, but it turned out very well for my first go. 

    David C. on Sep 01, 2017

    Black PC-ABS is Excellent

    I had success with small prints but the big prints I tried all curled even with a heated bed at 125 C. I'm going to try some wolfbite bed adhesion promoter soon and hopefully that helps but it's tricky on my PEI surface.

    Troy Cooksey on Aug 01, 2017

    PC-ABS Filament

    Picked up a roll of Proto-pasta PC-ABS natural at Micro Center for my Fusion 3 F400-S.
    All I can say is wow, so I picked up another.
    This stuff runs better and produces better quality parts than any material I have tried.
    Scarring due to single extruder support is minimal and it separates quite easily.
    This is my new go to material for prototypes that don't require color.
    Just ordered two more spools of black.
    Well worth the price difference between it and regular ABS.
    Only request..... more colors.