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Reprapper Tech ABS Fluorescent Red 3mm 3D Printing Filament

Reprapper Tech ABS Fluorescent Red 3mm 3D Printing Filament

Product Code: ABS-FLRED-3MM
  • Filament Colour: Fluorescent Red
  • Filament Diameter: 3mm
  • Filament Weight: 1kg
  • Filament Brand: Reprapper Tech Ltd
£5.94 Inc Vat
£4.95 Exc Vat


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    More Details

    Sample 3D print

    This is an end of line product so it is priced to sell.  Just covers packing and postage to you.

    The 3D Printing Filament is delivered to you boxed in a sealed, clear plastic bag, complete with a sachet of silica gel.

    A 1Kg spool of Fluorescent Red ABS filament, no longer restricted to printing the same colour LEGO bricks or bland iPhone cover, you can now open your mind to a rainbow of colours and get yourself printing some funky 3D objects.

    The Traffic Cone that you see was created using a MakerBot Replicator 2 X 3D Printer, taking approximately 185 centimetres of (Standard Red) and 85 centimetres of (Fluorescent Green) filament.  So that’s roughly 4 traffic cones per 10 metres – enough for a roadblock!


    (1) High precision dimension with 3.0 +/-0.10mm range – creating a high quality finish

    (2) Good roundness with 3.00+/-0.08mm range – creating a high quality finish

    (3) Competitively priced

    (4) Vivid colours

    (5) Excellent customer service & support