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Reprapper Tech Ltd ABS 3mm

3mm Tip:  In order for you to receive the maximum amount of 3mm filament on a single spool, you will find that the filament is tightly wound.  When you first release the filament from its vaccuum bag and start to unwind the coil ready for printing, make sure that you keep a firm grip on the filament line as it can easily spring off and start to unfurl from the reel and when you come to try and wind it all back on, you may just find that it can easily become tangled.

There is approximately, within a few centimetres, 114 metres of 3mm filament per spool.  Additional info: If you have not heard of the "contraction principle" affecting 3mm ABS, then you may want to read this
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ABS Green 3mm
£10.00 Inc Vat
£8.33Exc Vat
ABS Natural 3mm
£12.00 Inc Vat
£10.00Exc Vat
ABS Orange 3mm
£9.60 Inc Vat
£8.00Exc Vat
ABS Transparent 3mm Eco Spool
£9.60 Inc Vat
£8.00Exc Vat
ABS Wood Coloured 3mm **Reduced to Clear**
£5.94 Inc Vat
£4.95Exc Vat
Reprapper Tech ABS Galaxy Blue 3mm
£20.34 Inc Vat
£16.95Exc Vat
Reprapper Tech ABS Yellow 3mm
£5.94 Inc Vat
£4.95Exc Vat