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TRY ME! Sample Box

We love to print all day long with lots of different filaments and we want you to have the opportunity to do the same but for the lowest cost possible.  So we have put together 4 sample boxes that you can order for as litttle as £5 per box, which includes postage costs (within the UK) and VAT.

The samples are randomly selected from various manufacturers, each sample can be between 5 &10 metres long.
  • Small Box = 3-4 samples of 1.75mm or 2-3 samples 2.85/3mm
  • Medium Box = 5 samples of 1.75mm or 3-4 samples of 2.85mm
  • Large Box = 6-8 samples of 1.75mm or 5-7 samples of 2.85mm
  • G33K! Box has a minimum of 5 Specialty filament types (may include brass, bronze, steel, conductive etc).
4  Product(s)
G33k's Sample Filament Box
£19.50 Inc Vat
£16.25Exc Vat
Large Sample Filament Box
£12.46 Inc Vat
£10.38Exc Vat
Medium Sample Filament Box
£9.76 Inc Vat
£8.13Exc Vat
Small Sample Filament Box
£6.50 Inc Vat
£5.42Exc Vat